High School Clay Challenge

Every May we host teams from around NH in a high school competition of random Feats of Clay. There are 8 events and 10 minutes or less for each event.

Some of the events we’ve had in the past:
1) Cylinder stack (tallest stack of cylinders after 10 minutes)
2) Tallest cylinder with 5lbs of clay
3) Partner Throw (two people, one pot, one hand each)
4) Throw without your hands!
5) Tallest coil pot
6) Bilndfolded partner throw (the thrower is blindfolded, and a partner assists them so they can mimic a selected piece of pottery from the gallery)

7) Pinch pot pitcher
8) Mug and handle production
9) Pot Put (chuck all those mugs into buckets 15 and 20 feet away)


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