Gift Cards are Great.

Versatile. They can be used for any classes, workshops, gallery items, or anything we offer, and they don’t expire. This is also a great option if you want the recipient to be able to choose the date of their workshop or class themselves.

Digital. You will receive a digital gift code which can be used to redeem the gift card online.

Cute and Re-usable (kind of): If you’d like a real clay tablet (pictured), they cost $5. We can mail one to you if you add the Real Gift Card and Shipping option to your order. IMPORTANT:  To speed up processing, in the notes please write 1) the full address of where to send it 2) who you would like written “to” and “from”

If you bring back the physical clay tablet when you come in for your class, it can be cleaned off and re-used! No waste.

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