Adult & Teen 10-Week Classes



Beginners are welcome in all classes.

For intermediate/repeat students, teachers will add new lessons and levels of complexity.


Pottery/Clay & Wheel Throwing Learn the basics of throwing on the pottery wheel, from wedging and centering all the way to bowls, plates, decoration, lids and more. Students often repeat this class to gain more skills, and many classes end up being mixed levels. We really want students to learn! You only learn by doing, so we offer a free 10-visit studio pass for students to come in to practice outside of their allotted class time. These passes are only valid during the class session.

Even if you are a hand-sculptor, sign up for this class. The teacher will cater demonstrations specifically for you.

A bag of clay is included in your registration fee, but glaze firing is charged at 5 cents per cubic inch. The average glaze firing costs for an intro student session ranges between $15-$30, but this depends  on the student and what they make. Intermediate students tend to make more and make larger items, so may have higher glaze charges. We don’t believe it is fair to charge all students a high glaze fee across the board, because the glaze use from student to student can be so different!

Reserve your space here.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass In the first class students create a sun catcher that covers the basic steps of the entire process of creating something out of stained glass. The techniques learned in the first class are refined and expanded upon in the rest of the classes. Students work on projects of their choosing and the teacher will be on hand for technical assistance and coaching the entire time. The class has a limit of 4 students ages 16 years and up. Introductory solder, foil, and flux are included in the $35 materials fee. Students will need to purchase their own glass for the projects that they choose to create during the class. Reserve your space here.

Paint & Pencil

Drawing: Learning to See If all you have been able to muster before is stick figures, this class is for you. Learn the basics of how to draw from real life. We will start with line drawing and work up to proportions and shading. Reserve your space here.

Water Color Painting This 10-week class is an introduction to the materials and techniques of watercolor painting. The proper use of materials and achieving control over the medium will be explored. Basic Color Theory and how to apply this knowledge when mixing paints will be emphasized. The focus will be on developing painting skills that will allow the student to paint various subjects and show three dimensional space on a two dimensional surface. Reserve your space here.

Acrylic Painting CANCELLED FOR SPRING & SUMMER SESSION. We will pick back up in the fall. We will work from observation and photo reference in order to strengthen our understanding of how to apply paint to achieve certain visual effects. This class will involve both an academic approach and a chance to play. We will engage a series of short-term projects designed to support an investigation into the nature of color, texture, light and shadow. We will also work non-objectively, from imagination, experimenting with color schemes that create mood and evoke emotion through form. Reserve your space here.