Clay Studio Membership

PLEASE NOTE: Our Members room is full. If you are interested, please book a tour to chat with a studio staff so we can get to know each other, answer any questions, and make sure we have space for you!

Membership includes:

  • Time and space to work in clay.
  • A common community of people who are also enjoying their creative outlet
  • Shelf space to store your tools and your creations
  • Access to our electric wheels, community tools, slab roller, extruder and 16-18 glazes
  • Supportive and knowledgeable staff
  • 2 Electric kilns, with staff to fire work for you
  • Click here to learn about the membership program benefits

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need experience? Yes. Studio memberships are best for those who are self-directed and have prior experience working in a clay studio. If you are new to clay or have not done it in a while, you should take a 10-week classes first to get familiar with the process of working in clay and how this studio operates. We find that students who have taken 3-4 full 10-week sessions with us or several semesters of college level clay are often ready for a membership – but everyone is different.

I’m a production potter, can I work in your studio? Due to limited storage space, our studio is currently not set up to accommodate production pottery.

When can I come in? You can come in to use the studio whenever we are open. Please note we are often closed for major holidays and the full week between Christmas and New Years.

Are materials included? No. Clay can be purchased by the 25lb bag. We have 2-3 stoneware cone 6 bodies, and a cone 6 porcelain. Glaze firing is calculated by volume at a rate of 5 cents per cubic inch, and there are large volume discounts. No outside clay or glazes.

How do I get started?  Schedule a tour! See the space, meet staff, ask questions! After you are convinced this would be an awesome place to create your work, those who have never been a student at Studio 550 before (but have experience) will go through an orientation about how the studio operates before getting started. There is another orientation when it is time to glaze. Each orientation lasts about 15-30 minutes. After this, you are free to play!

Clay Studio Membership options

Monthly Unlimited Access:

The best value of all the options, but best if you will be in at least 4x a month. Open access to our clay studio during any open hours! That’s over 30 available studio hours a week or 120 studio hours a month. If you came during every open hour, you’d be paying 95 cents an hour for studio time. Not bad…

There are discounts if you pay for a year at a time or if you are an auto-renewing monthly member. These monthly memberships are automatically billed monthly starting on the day that you start.

Come enjoy some you+clay time and meet our awesome clay community. Reserve your space here.

5 or 10-Visit Anytime Access

Pre-paid passes to the studio that you can use whenever we are open. Stay as long as you would like, but if you leave and come back, that would count as two visits.

This pass is valid for four months from the day you start. The “start date” begins when you are assigned a shelf space & you’ve paid for your membership. There is no shelf space allotted for 5-pass members, since those on the 5-pass are usually just glazing, or less frequent visitors.
Reserve a 10-visit pass here.
Reserve a 5-visit pass here.