Art at Home Project Kits!

For the Crafty-at-Heart

Clay Projects

How it Works:
We have 3 variations:

  • Slabs for a Mug
  • A Hollow “bubble” of clay (can be a jar, fairy house, sculpture, etc.)
  • The Open-Ended “Anything-is-Possible” ball of clay

Create your own clay creations at home with step-by-step tutorials and a basics video for inspiration. Drop off (or very carefully pack and mail) the creations back to us and we will fire the pieces for you. The kit includes clay, slip, basic tools. Many household items can become great clay tools too!

All tools must be returned in order for your piece to be fired. One piece finished and fired is included in the cost of each piece of clay you order.

For families with multiple kids or anyone who has multiple projects in mind, choose the basic pack and get additional pieces of clay. One piece will be fired per ball of clay ordered, and additional will be fired for $5 each.

Follow these steps:

  1. Read over this PDF: Getting Started At Home
  2. Order your Project Pack here.
  3. Visit our “Resources” page for step-by-step PDFs, ideas, and videos.
  4. After you are done creating, fill out the “drop-off card” in your kits  with a glaze color chosen for each piece.
  5. Drop finished pieces at our studio to be fired!
  6. 4-5 weeks later, pick up your finished pieces.

If you’d rather join us for a guided workshop, we have lots of those!

Paint Your Own Pottery Kit

How it works

You get three brushes, three colors plus black and white, a small sponge and a piece of pottery. Spend all the time you want creating your next masterpiece in the comfort of your own home. Pot must be dropped off at our studio for glaze firing, and all materials must be returned in order for the piece to be fired.

Order your PYO Pottery Project Pack here.


Step by step Instructions to PYO

Mosaic Coasters

How it works

All the materials (wood backing, glass, glue, grout, sponge, and cork backing) are included to make four 3x3inch coasters.

Order your Mosaic Coaster Project Pack here.

Step by step guide for your Mosaic

A video tutorial for your Mosaic

Holiday ornaments

How it works

All the materials (acrylic paint, three brushes, and 8 fired holiday themed ceramic ornaments) are included.

Order your Holiday Ornament Project Pack here!

Succulent Planters

How it works

All the materials (soil, stones, drainage, plants, terra-cotta pot) and more are included to make a delightful succulent arrangement. Plant care directions will be included.

If you have a lot of pots at home that need plants, feel free to purchase extra plants. 2-3 are included, based on the size of the plants.

Order your Plant Project Pack here.

If you’d rather sign up for a workshop with instruction, we can schedule one for you if you have 6 people or more. Contact us with questions.

Step-by-step guide to make your arrangement!