Monster Fun Every Summer!

Monster Hunt

August 26, 2023  –  10AM

Find one. Keep one. Discover Downtown & win prizes.
Every summer, we make 100 unique red clay monsters and hide them downtown.
Try and find them.
Continuing in 2023:
1) There will be a “kids under 5” mini-search in the green space in front of the DoubleTree Hotel before the public hunt along Elm Street. Kids hunt starts at 9:30AM.
2) We are hiding “Monster Medallions” in lieu of the actual monsters. Trade in your medallion at Studio 550 on the day of the hunt to get your real monster!

FB Event for 2022.

We hope that by bringing art to the streets, we can encourage people to slow down and find joy in walking their city in search of the out-of-the-ordinary.
They will be hidden in public spaces on Elm Street from Studio 550 up north to Bridge St. All Monsters will be placed in public places with a lot of foot traffic and in locations that are easily visible to pedestrians. Typically, monsters like to hide in places that people see every day, but normally do not have a reason to keep looking.  They love public art.
The hunt is open to all ages, and goes very quick!
Studio 550 is hosts a number of low-cost monster-themed activities at 550 Elm Street.
Anyone who finds the single colorful monster automatically wins a free 1-day workshop at Studio 550.

Other businesses hosting Monster-themed Specials on the 27th:

Dancing Lion Chocolate: 917 Elm St

Queen City Cupcakes: 790 Elm St