Paint Your Own Handmade Pottery

Paint a HANDMADE Piece of Pottery

How does it work?

  • Reserve a table at the link above.
  • Choose from a selection made by NH potters. 
  • Plan your design and get your paint on!
  • Leave the pots with us to glaze fire
  • Pick up two weeks later, ready to use


$7 per person for a 2hr painting session, any age. The final cost will be based on the pieces chosen for painting. Pots range from $7-50, but most pots are in between $20-35.


  • All youth must be accompanied by adults. This is unstructured painting time, without a guided lesson or teacher. We will greet and help you get set up, but parents are responsible for their kids and their actions. 
  • Underglaze (the material we are painting with) is kinda expensive. Please do not be wasteful of the materials so we can keep the costs reasonable. Excessive waste of materials by any party will result in a $20 fee.
  • This is a welcoming community space with all sorts of ages and backgrounds walking in. Any disrespect of the space, materials, or other guests will not be tolerated. As we are a family space, subject matter must be appropriate. If you are asked to leave or if we will not fire the work given any offensive subject matter, you will not be entitled to a refund. 

Meet the Makers

All the mugs, bowls, and dishes are made by local NH potters.  As a result, selection varies from visit to visit, but trust that it is well made!

Twist of Fate Pottery – Rachel Normington

Monica Leap Ceramics

Take a Paint-Your-Own kit home!

Want to make it a paint party at home? Order a PYO kit to-go.

How does it work?

  • Click the link above.
  • Choose your pot and your colors
  • Pick up your kit(s) at our studio
  • Paint at home at your leisure with all your Pinterest photos out
  • Drop off your pots with us to glaze fire along with all the paints and brushes
  • Pick up two weeks later, ready to use


$10 materials fee is included for a borrowed set of brushes and a set of 3 underglaze colors, plus black and white.  All materials must be returned. The final cost will be based on the pieces chosen for painting.