Thanks for a great Monster Hunt

Thanks so much to all the friends and families who came out to hunt for monsters and give them a caring home! After feedback from volunteers, we’ve accepted the fact that the event has grown to the point where we need to make changes. Next year:

  1. We will start the event off with a kids-only (6 and under?) hunt in a downtown park. Hopefully, this will be better for kids and for parents! The public all-ages hunt will begin as usual after this throughout Elm Street.
  2. We will still make all the monsters, but we will only be hiding “Monster Coins”. Anyone who finds a monster coin can redeem it at Studio 550 for the monster numbered on the coin. In any given year we usually find out who found 70% of the monsters. We’d love to know where the other 30 went. We hope this encourages people to only take one, so that more enjoyment can be had by all!

Do you have any other suggestions? Email us.