Summer Monster Comic Contest

Create a comic strip with a monster as the main character!

Stay creative this summer and win prizes

  • Design your own monster! Have fun with it!.
  • Your comic must be at least 4 frames, fill an 8.5×11 sheet of paper, and have a title  
  • Comics can be Black & White or colored, but they should look finished. 
  • It can be funny or serious
  • A winning comic will have a short story or joke that relates to the monster’s characteristics, for example a butterfly with ears for wings might be the conductor of a weird bug orchestra because they love listening to music.
  • Creativity, attention to detail, and storyline will be considered when determining the winners. 

Submission guidelines  

Deadline: 8PM on August 21, 2021 on Monster Hunt Day!  

Ways to submit:  1) Drop off your original on Monster Hunt Day 2) Email images to or instagram direct message images to @studio550 3) Facebook message images to Studio550ArtCenter (Parents should submit for kids under 12 and please note photo guidelines below). 


Include the following:  

  • The creator’s name, age, and title of your project, and contact information (parent’s info, if youth)

Answer the following questions. 

  • What is your monster’s name? 
  • What is your monster’s favorite thing to do? 
  • Does your monster have any special abilities or talents? 
  • (youth only) How much help did you get from parents on this project? (none, some, or a lot?) 


Photo guidelines:  

We would like to at least see one picture of the overall project (try to frame the page in the corners of the shot and use good light!) and also include 3 close up shots of your favorite details.  


Additional information: 

  • These contests are open all ages, though submissions will be divided by age before judging
  • This must be completely the person’s original work.   
  • Submissions, winning or not, may be shared on the Studio 550 Instagram or Facebook pages.  
  • If your project is in the top ten, the original will need to be dropped off at the studio to determine the winners. The top ten projects will also be displayed in our studio for 2 weeks. Specific dates TBD, but likely in the fall. 
  • Family friendly content only.



1st: Clay Workshop for two

2nd: A Take & Make home art kit 

3rd: Paint Your Own Pottery for two (Free table fees, pottery chosen to paint is an extra fee)

Plus, great prizes from Double Midnight Comics and the Manchester Historic Association!