Monster Hunt 2020!

We are bringing a little light and laughter to downtown Manchester on August 22nd. We are releasing 100 small red clay monsters in downtown for the 8th year! This family-friendly outdoor hunt is open to anyone, but PLEASE keep only one Monster, even if you see more, so the joy can be shared by the most people possible. 

We hope that by spreading art around town, we can encourage people to slow down and find joy in searching their city for something special.  No purchase is necessary, but Monster-Seekers and Monster-Finders are encouraged to stay downtown to eat, to help fellow monster seekers, and to discover what our city has to offer. 

The hunt begins at 1PM and goes until they are all found – which is usually pretty quick! From 1PM-3PM Studio 550 is hosting a number of low-cost crafty outdoor activities. There will be a $1 Pottery Sale to benefit the Clay for Kids Fund, to-go art kits and more. 

There will be one colored monster which automatically wins the recipient a gift card towards a workshop at Studio 550. In the past this special one has been a white albino monster, but since Studio 550 just opened a Paint-Your-Own-Handmade-Pottery studio with a rainbow of colors available, they wanted to commemorate the occasion with a rainbow-colored monster! 

Monster Finders get the immediate reward of being able to keep the monster they find. Partnering business, such as the Dancing Lion and Bookery Manchester will also have something special for anyone with a monster in hand. Contact the individual business for specifics of their offering. Other partnerships will be announced on Studio 550’s social pages as they develop.  

Monsters will be concentrated in the heart of downtown, namely Elm Street between Bridge and Studio 550, but also in parks and side streets. All Monsters will be placed in public places with a lot of foot traffic and in locations that are easily visible to pedestrians. Typically, Monsters like to hide in places that people see every day, but normally do not have a reason to keep looking. A windowsill, the corner of a bench, or a flower planter are all places Monsters like to hide, but they could be anywhere.  Monsters LOVE public art.