Summer Short Session Schedule Released!

After being open a month we are delighted to report that sanitizing every 2 hours is not that tedious anymore, we are used to wearing masks all the time, and some of the sanitation steps we’ve added actually make a lot of sense and we may continue them long term.

Anyway, the real reason for posting is because we are offering a short 5-week pottery wheel session starting July 27th, and a 4-week hand sculpting session with 5 different themed classes starting August 3rd. Most of the August hand sculpting classes will also be offered as an online course.

These are great options for anyone getting started with clay or anyone who wants to add hand sculpting to their clay skillset. It is shorter, so a little more affordable than a full 10-week class, but it is still jam packed with information and making time.

Browse the in-person clay schedule here.

Reserve a spot in one of the in-person clay classes here.

Reserve a spot in the online sculpting options here.