3 ways to get started

If you are itching to get into the studio, here are the 3 ways to involved:

  1. Just try it out for a day. We offer 1-day workshops that are great introductions to the studio and the process. They are available for clay and stained glass every weekend, and we can offer mosaic, plant arrangement, and drawing and painting workshops by request. Though many workshops are full in the next few weeks, we often have space available in the Paint-Your-Own Handmade Pottery Room.
  2. Take a 10-week class. We offer a class session every season. They are longer and more in depth. You learn the whole process from beginning to end.
  3. Join as a member. This option is only open for the clay studio and only to those who have either been through 3-4 full class sessions with us, or who have several semesters of college level clay experience.