August 4th, Studio 550 Art Center will have released 100 little red clay Monsters into the city. The Monsters will be concentrated in the heart of downtown between Bridge and Granite on Elm, and then a couple side streets. All Monsters will be placed in public places with a lot of foot traffic and in locations that are easily visible to pedestrians. Typically, Monsters like to hide in places that people see every day, but just do not usually have a reason to keep looking: a windowsill, the corner of a bench, or a flower planter are all places Monsters like to hide, but they could be anywhere.

The purpose of this activity is just to have fun while encouraging residents to slow down, play like a kid, and walk their city streets in search of the out-of-the-ordinary.

Monster Finders who show their monster at Studio 550 and The Dancing Lion Chocolate Shop will be rewarded. Monsters Finders keep their Monster and their reward from both places. At Studio 550, Monster Finders draw a prize from a Mystery Pot that contains rewards ranging from Studio 550 merchandise, to handmade ceramics, to a Grand Prize of a free Fall Pottery Class. At Dancing Lion Chocolate, Monster Finders receive a beautifully crafted chocolate coin. Monster Finders will also be entered into a chance to win a giant chocolate monster egg.

There is also one White Albino Monster in the mix. Whoever finds that one wins a free Date Night in the Pottery Studio at Studio 550.

The event is free to the public. Monster Finders are asked to only take one so that other Monster Seekers can find one as well. Each monster has a purple dot with an ID number inside. Monster Seekers and Finders are encouraged to share what they discover on the Studio 550 Facebook page.

For more information, see www.550arts.com, call 603.232.5597 or stop by the studio at 550 Elm St. in Manchester, NH.