Keith Martin

Keith Martin is a ceramic artist. He works with pattern and design on his ceramic forms, weaving in his personal narrative and allowing the passing of time and natural evolution of process to inform his pieces.  He received his Masters in Fine Art from the NH Institute of Art in Manchester, NH.

Jazmine Jade

Jazmine Jade is CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Potter. She loves bringing bodywork and art together to empower others on their healing path. Her private practice is located onsite in Studio 3 to learn more about CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki or book an appointment you can contact her at True Blue Wellness.
In addition to her private practice she works as a pottery instructor and studio tech at Studio 550 and enjoys wheel throwing and sculpting large geologically inspired vessels. Her work is available for purchase at Studio 550.

Past Artists-in-Residence

2017-20: Jason Bagatta, Keith Martin
2016-17: Jason Bagatta, Keith Demanche, Keith Martin
2015-16: Jacquelyn Gleisner, Katherine Donovan, Jason Bagatta, Keith Demanche, Keith Martin
2014-15: Sara Anderson, Adrian Wallace, Becky Smith & Jacquelyn Gleisner
2013-14: Molly Bernstein, Ryan Michel, Adrian Wallace, Sarah Archer
2012-13: Kaitlyn Coppola, Annie B. Campbell, Christina Pitsch
2011-12: Jessica Schillnger